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Capturing Carbon
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Big Lake Organics is a full circle compost service in Northern Wisconsin. From residential and commercial food waste collection to garden-ready compost delivery, Big Lake Organics is dedicated to diverting organic material from the conventional waste stream, capturing the carbon it contains and putting it back into health productive soils.

Products & Services


Big Lake Organics offers residential composting services based on an affordable quarterly or annual contract. Learn more here.

Commercial Compost Pick-up

We offer pick-up for restaurants, schools, hospitals, and other businesses that create organic waste. Our facility is capable of processing compostable packaging as well as conventional food waste. Learn more here.

Soil Delivery

Garden-ready compost is now available! Buy our premium grade A compost bagged or find out about getting a bulk delivery. Shop now!

About Us

We believe in soil.

We believe in soil. And you should too. Healthy soil has the capacity to capture and sequester carbon, turning that carbon back into healthy sustainable food instead of greenhouse gases. Healthy soil has the power to change the world. Learn more about how Big Lake Organics got its start here.

Find out more

Our staff has been working in the field of soil health for a long time, but Big Lake Organics is brand new. So bear with us as we grow. Check back soon for more information about our products and services. Or shoot us a specific question using this form:



pe·​tri·​chor | \ ˈpe-trə-ˌkȯr

(noun) a distinctive, earthy, usually pleasant odor that is associated with rainfall especially when following a warm, dry period and that arises from a combination of volatile plant oils and geosmin released from the soil into the air and by ozone carried by downdrafts